2015-12-23 01:56:46 by Jerry589

Such a delay in uploading a new animation. Its been months I uploaded a new chapter of Little Fighter 2, and still I have nothing to show. :( 

The Chapter  is half done, I am difficulties finding time for animating thses days. I'll try to release it ASAP.

Almost done!

2015-02-08 07:23:31 by Jerry589

Hey there!

Thank you all for the tips and encouragement on my previous sprite animation!

My next movie is almost done! I'll be uploading it in about 2-3 days. Everything is done, only I need to find some good Music for the situations to place there.. :) 

Thanks.. :D

That's the beginning.

2015-01-28 04:23:16 by Jerry589

You know what? Here's the beginning of my animation world. And if you don't support me, how will I do better animations. I said it indirectly.

Like, Comment, Subscirbe. Anything you want. :3